Pushing The Boundaries of Learning

We are a technology company focused on bridging the gap between demand for and access to quality education through the process of decentralizing the traditionalmethod of learning. We started our unique journey by helping African traditional universities take their on-campus degree programs online through the implementation of the very best of technology, process management, admissions and advisory. Now, we have expanded our vision to include working hand-in-hand with professional organizations to deploy solutions to empower the Nigerian workforce.


Our goal is to help progressive institutions deliver learning to as many students as possible. This will drive the balance between the demand of quality education and the supply that exists on the African continent by opening up access to top quality education to all. Our approach to e-Learning allows our partner institutions and universities build better digital learning experiences.

Femi Shonubi


Our Focus

Online Programs Logistics

We provide all the vital logistical components for any online program, including comprehensive student support services from student enrollment through to graduation and beyond as well as practical learning experiences within distant communities around the continent.

Observation and Analysis

We carry out extensive research, observation and analysis of tertiary educational systems with respect to the streamlining and improvement in delivery of learning content to students using state of the art Web 2.0 nology as it intersects with the unique challenges of the continent

Creating Access to Learning

We work to increase student access to degree granting institutions whilst mitigating the current constraints that exist for working adults within the African context. We partner with some of the best institutions on the continent to ensure no student is left behind in the quest to educate Africa

Upholding Integrity & Quality

We are very committed to working with our partners to uphold the quality of learning and integrity of the tertiary educational system in Africa, thereby encouraging the production of world class students that can stand brow to brow with their international counterparts.

People Who Make it Work

Femi Shonubi


Oduolayinka Osunloye


Yvonne Obike


Christian Egwim


Onyedikachi Oyigah