Our Platform

Taking The Burden Away From The Institution

Our goal is to help progressive institutions deliver learning to as many students as possible. This will drive the balance between the demand of good quality education and the supply that exists on the African continent by opening up access to top quality education to all. Our detailed approach to e-Learning allows our partner institutions and universities to build better digital learning experiences. Our experience and understanding of the African market allows us give better value to our partner institutions.

We understand that the process of this transformation can be very resource and time intensive. This is why we help institutions fund this process as well as create the business model around it to ensure that funding will not be a deterring factor for adoption.

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Better Student Experience

We strive to ensure a consistent experience enabling students to dive right in to their area of study. With the experience we have gained from over 20,000 enrollments and counting, we know how to recruit and retain quality students and deliver an unparalleled learning experience.

No Upfront Costs

We assume all upfront costs so you can launch online programmes with minimal risk and achieve profitability more quickly thanks to our team of expert who collaborate with your faculty to create engaging, interactive courses that facilitate the best learning outcomes.