6th February 2017, Lagos – EduTech Advanced Business Technologies Ltd had the honour of receiving the Director of the Distance Learning Center of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Prof. A.Z Hassan to her office after the successful launch of Phase 1 of the e-learning MBA program – a first in Nigeria in August 2016. The programme received high enrolment figures showing the demand of high quality MBA programs is on the increase for professionals, recent graduates and entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

The meeting was to discuss modalities of how to build on the success of the Phase 1 with full considerations on how to make the program and platform accessible to more applicants in the future. Prof. Hassan reiterated the commitment of the management and staff of the ABU DLC to providing access to quality Education for everyone no matter their financial background.

In response, the leadership of EduTech Nigeria assured the Director and the ABU DLC of its continued commitment to support the program through constant research, building bridges, relationships, advisory, partnerships and public relations, to ensure that everyone who has the desire to learn does not have any hindrances, whatsoever.

As part of the outcome of the meeting, going forward, students – present and prospective – will now be able to pay per course as against the traditional lump program fee. This will allow students to register and pay for courses conveniently and can take enough courses as they can afford, in the trimester the DLC is now adopting for the MBA Programme.

It was also agreed that the groundbreaking student tuition loan scheme that was pioneered during the Phase 1 of the e-Learning MBA Programme will be scaled up to have more loan providers join the initial partner – Renmoney, to ensure that more students will be accommodated with competitive rates from the difference providers. This will also allow Micro Finance Banks and the likes with strengths in different parts of the country provide funding to students within their geographical areas of focus.

The center is scheduled to start receiving new MBA applications in February 2017 as ABU DLC and EduTech kick off Phase 2 of Nigeria’s first True eLearning program.